Kalkaska County EDC Loan Fund

Need Money?
Venture North Funding & Development and Kalkaska County Economic Development Corporation have partnered to support economic vitality in Kalkaska County.

Kalkaska County EDC Loan Fund

Amount: Up to $50,000

Interest Rate: 5% to 8% (dependent on risk)

Term: Up to 5 years

Eligibility: Must be a business located in Kalkaska County

Fees: Additional fees may apply depending on the loan request (i.e. title commitment, legal fees, additional underwriting analysis, etc.)

Process:  Clients may work with SCORE counselors or SBDC counselors to finalize business plan, create cash flow projections, perform market research, and competitor analysis.

Clients may apply for a KCEDC Loan here.

Venture North Staff will collect all pertinent information for underwriting (i.e. business plan, tax returns, personal financial statement, credit report, application, etc.).

A designated KCEDC Loan Committee will review all applications and make the final determination on loan approval and terms.

The KCEDC Board will be notified of any approved loans from Loan Committee. The Board will not receive the full loan package, but will be assured that the proper underwriting and process took place.

Timeframe: After all information has been collected from the client, it will take no longer than 30 days for a decision to be made. Loan committee recommendations will go before the KCEDC Board during a Special Meeting if necessary.


Venture North Funding & Development and Kalkaska County Economic Development Corporation have partnered to support economic vitality in Kalkaska County.


  • Prominent Oil & Gas industry
  • Alternative energy opportunities for cellulosic ethanol using the county’s vast wood-based feedstock
  • Forest products opportunities
  • Kalkaska airport accommodates private aircraft
  • Located 30 minutes from Cherry Capital Airport and downtown Traverse City
  • Low-interest financing available through the Kalkaska County EDC Revolving Loan Fund program and Venture North


Business Funding:


  • American Waste
  • Coding Products
  • Flannery Machine & Tool, Inc.
  • Kalkaska Memorial Health Center
  • Kalkaska Screw Products, Inc.
  • Marsh Industrial
  • Northern Design
  • Shetler Dairy
  • Team Services, LLC
  • Wayne Wire & Cloth


There are many family oriented organized events held in Kalkaska County, such as:


  • Chair: Al Dimon
  • Treasurer: Linda Wayne
  • Michael Ascione
  • Alan McCullen
  • Truman Bicum
  • Kohn Fisher
  • Bob Burgin
  • Jeff Sieting
  • Cash Cook
ABOUT KALKASKA: Kalkaska County is 561 square miles of abundant natural resources with numerous recreational opportunities. There are over 80 inland lakes and 275 miles of streams and rivers, with numerous state and county parks in which to get close to the natural beauty that surrounds you in Kalkaska. The county averages 126 inches of snow each year, perfect for winter weather enthusiasts.

For Details, Contact

Sara Christensen


Formerly the Traverse Bay Economic Development Corporation and Chamber Foundation