Keeping Kids Bodies Busy

Garms said while there are numerous outdoor play sites for children locally when the weather is good. But those options are much more limited during inclement weather or over our winters.

“There are a lot of outdoor places around here,” Garms said. “But when it rains or snows, it shuts a lot of those places down.”

Garms said Bounce Town is designed to be a family-friendly entertainment option where parents, grandparents, babysitters can watch their children enjoy the bouncers while sitting on comfortable seating, watching television or using business’ free wi-fi service. All-day passes cost just $12 and $5 for young children. Customers can also leave and return on the same day pass if they want to grab some lunch, shop or run errands.

“We don’t want you to have to keep shelling out money,” Garms said.

Garms, a Petoskey native who worked as a graphic designer before returning to Northern Michigan, said indoor play areas are popular in southern regions of the country where the heat and humidity can make it difficult for children and families to enjoy outdoor play areas in the summer months. For Northern Michigan, the winter months and periods of inclement weather make for his busiest times.

Besides the exercise and energy release, Garms said Busy Bodies Bounce Town can also help children build social skills. Kids without siblings or who live in remote areas without other children around can make new friends and enjoy social interaction with other children that they might not otherwise experience. He also expects it to be popular with day care operations, play groups, summer camps, birthday and family parties, scouting groups and others.

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