45th Parallel Lighting Heads for Phase Two

It’s also the second time Dakota Porter and his brother, Garrett, have turned to Venture North to support their business. They received a $2,500 Sub Micro Loan in Fall 2013, to help launch their business. Their latest financing will help them continue to expand and market their growing product line.

Dakota said the “second generation” of Actionglow products will feature rechargeable batteries, various color selection nodes, brighter lighting and more safety features including an SOS signal. The brothers are working with an engineering firm in Saginaw on their upgraded product design they can introduce to retail stores.

Their plans are to utilize the Sub Micro Loan funds to a hire a marketing/public relations firm specializing in social media to create a Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is to raise $150,000 for product development, production, marketing and distribution of the Actionglow 2 line.

“It’s a pretty large goal,” Porter said. “With the right marketing in place, we can make it happen.”

Learn more about the business on its website at actionglow.com. More information on the Sub Micro Loan program on Venture North’s website at venturenorthfunding.org.